Ashram – A Home to the helpless Children

An orphanage was established for the orphaned female children in the year 1980. This home takes care of even the blind and handicapped children. We started the orphanage with 25 children and now we have more then 150 children residing in the home. The classes are from 1st to the 10th standard and only 50 children receive the aid from the social welfare department. The rest of the 100 children are given free food, clothing, education, accommodation, books and all the other things annually by the samajam. Those who wish to study further in the higher secondary schools are encouraged. To and fro transport facilities are given to them within a distance of 5kms.

Every month a doctor comes to the samajam to check up the children with medical problems. The students are taught stitching and weaving. Good moral stories are told to the children,  bhajans and keerthanas are taught to them in addition to yoga and meditation. On Saturdays and Sundays only they are allowed to watch Television shows, and the children play games. Once in a year the children are taken on excursions to different places. To maintain and cook for the children we have appointed 1 supervisor 3 house mothers, 2 cooks and 3 helpers. There are 2 more cleaners to keep the hostel neat and clean. Social service to the humanity is the fountain of joy to the  yoginees. We are building an additional residency hall for Nikethan children.

Who ever wishes to educate and support one or more children are kindly requested to do the needful. We would be grateful if good generous souls extend their helping hands for this noble social cause, cost of sponsoring each child per year is given below.

  • 1st Std to 5th Std full Expenses – Rs 8000/-
  • 6th Std to 10th Std full Expenses  – Rs 10000/-
  • 1st Std to 12th Std full Expenses  – Rs 12000/-
  • 1st Std to 5th Std study Expenses  – Rs 2000/-
  • 6th Std to 10th Std study Expenses – Rs 3,000/-
  • Morning Tiffen for 150 children – Rs 3,000/-
  • Mid day Lunch for 150 children – Rs 4,000/-
  • Night Tiffen or Meals. – Rs 3,000/-
  • Evening Tiffen. – Rs 3,000/-
  • Maintenance expense for the Illam for the month – Rs 1,50,000/-

Annadanam can be made to the children on any individual ‘s, Birthday, Wedding day, festivals like Deepavali, pongal, on New years day, on the day when one is commencing a business and on the death anniversaries of our ancestors etc.

Individuals can also donate notebooks, slates, pencils, bags, plates, tumblers and bedsheets, etc.