Spiritual Services

Abount Yoginees in the Ashram

The yoginess do an excellent job pertaining to both the spiritual and social activities of the Ashram. Spirituality and social service go hand in hand and that is the speciality of Sri Lalithambika temple and Samajam and this feature is not found in any other temple. The yoginees perform special prayers. Abhishekam and Navavarana poojas. Apart from this they perform various Homas as written in previous stanzas.

Those women who have the desire to become yoginess should have at least passed 10th or 12th standards. As per the orders of Mathaji, they should carry on the services of the Ashram for at least five years with a sense of spirituality. During the training period they will be made to study Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Kaivalya Navaneetha, Maharaja Thuravu, Sivajnana Bhodam, Guru Gita, Bhagavath Gita, Vivekachudamani, Upanishads, Sukthas and will be trained to perform poojas, Homas and Kumbhabhishekas etc.

During the training period they are permitted to go home. After the successful completion of their spiritual training they can express their desire to become yoginees to Guru Sri La Sri Mathaji. After being initiated in to a yoginee they are eligible to do all poojas and Homas, but they are not permitted to go home under any circumstances and only their relatives are permitted to visit them in the Ashram. All the services and activities are carried on under the supervision of Mathaji in the Ashram.

Deeksha’s & Spiritual Classes for Devotees:

For Interested devotees, Ashram is conducting the Spiritual classes where we will be teaching the

  • Srividya Sadhana (Deksha)
  • Sri Chakra/Nava-avarana Puja vidhanam
  • Durga Saptsathi
  • Soundarya Lahari
  • To perform all Homama’s